EUMEPLAT WP2-WP3-WP4-WP5 meeting

Malmö, organised by IKED

4th – 6th July 2022

EUMEPLAT research team gathered in Malmö, hosted by IKED, to exchange on the work undertaken so far and on next steps with regard to WP2 – Fake News: Platformization of Journalism, WP3 – Hegemony: Platformization of Video, WP4 – Exclusion: Platformization of Media Representations and WP5 – Power: People and Platforms.

Citizen journalism in the 10 project countries was the focus of the WP2 session animated by ISCTE-IUL, with an analysis of the first data collected, while for WP3 the discussion led by NBU was devoted to the methodological framework for the research work to be done on video platforms. With regard to WP4, the semantic maps, one for immigration and the other one for gender, were presented by UOC , along with qualitative and quantitative analysis methodology.

A second Delphi+ Workshop was also organised for WP5 by Charles University, following the one that took place in Prague during the Second Mid-term meeting last May.