Hegemony: Platformization of Video

WP Objectives

WP3 delivers a first-hand analysis of both production and consumption of video in contemporary delivering and streaming platforms (YouTube, Netflix, and the more). Detecting national, European and global patterns is the final goal. The main objectives of WP3 are therefore related to:

  • the spread of “globally interactive delivery platforms”;
  • the synchronic level of analysis;
  • “how global and European media have impacted on specifically European markers”;
  • the role of contemporary media in fostering processes of cultural or political Europeanisation”;
  • detect “patterns of production and consumption”, a at high level of data disaggregation.

Expected results

After shaping and validating the methodological framework, WP3 will analyse patterns in platform video production and consumption in ten Countries. A Catalogue of Best Practices will be released, including both positive cases of cross-European productions and main obstacles to Europeanisation of Video markets.

Leading partner:
  • February 2023

    Research on video platforms