ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal

Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa is a public research university established in 1972. Currently it has 10.000 students in undergraduate (44%) and postgraduate (56%) programs, 300 professors and 400 integrated researchers. Iscte is organized into 4 Schools: Business School, Social Sciences and Humanities, Sociology and Public Policy, and ICT and Architecture and includes 8 R&D units, 6 Labs. Iscte has strong international cooperation with over 100 entities, private and 3rd sector organizations, annually participating in more than 200 projects and publishing more than 1700 international scientific papers.

CIES-Iscte – Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia ( is one of the R&D units in the area of social sciences dedicated to studying contemporary social problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Its main scientific field is sociology, but with highly relevant activity in public policy, political science, communication, education, modern and contemporary history and social work. CIES manages seven doctoral programs.

The Centre participates in numerous national and European funded projects and in international research networks. The members are organized in research groups as integrated researchers, associate researchers, research assistants and doctoral students.

CIES-Iscte is one of the 6 R&D units that form the SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy, which was recently granted the status of Associated Laboratory by FCT.