Europeanisation: Lessons from Media History

WP Objectives

By means of a second-hand analysis of European media production and consumption in the period 1990-2019, WP1 provides:

  • “diachronic analysis of the media landscape”, “from the turn of XXI century to the current day”;
  • analysis of the impact of European media on “societal cohesion”;
  • a new operational definition of Europeanisation, expected to equip policy-makers with a better understanding of critical issues.

Expected results

WP1 will provide the analysis of patterns in media production and consumption at regional and European levels; patterns in movie production, distribution and consumption will be analysed in their turn. Historical research will be based in secondary analysis, and specific attention will be paid to European media legislation. After the Data clustering moment, the project will come out with an operational definition of Europeanisation of media systems.

Leading Partner:
  • February 2022

    Research on historical media patterns

  • February 2022

    Definition of "Europeanisation

    February 2022