Exclusion: Platformization of Media Representations

WP Objectives

WP4 aims to realize an in-depth, first-hand analysis of media representations of two main issues, immigration and gender. The survey has to be realized on both professional and amateur social media posts and web contents, and qualitative methods of interpretation have to be applied, along with automated elaboration of data. The main goals of WP4 are:

  • “how are media representations of major European political and cultural issues (like refugees, migration, religions, common history, geopolitical and economic crisis, terrorism, sport, elections, etc.) affected by new modes of production, consumption, and by new trends of ownership and control over media content”;
  • synchronic level of analysis;
  • “rigorous analysis of how European political and cultural spaces are evolving”;
  • effects of digital media on the overall societal cohesion;
  • equipping decision-makers with a better understanding of critical issues.

Expected results

By moving from a shared methodological protocol, WP4 will investigate the representation of immigration and gender in ten Countries. Both professional and user-generated contents will be considered, and advanced clustering techniques will be applied to the data. A Catalogue of best practices in both professional and user-generated representations of the two issues will be brought to the attention of policy-makers.

Leading partner:
  • October 2022

    Methodology for the analysis of media representations

  • March 2023

    Research on the representation of gender and immigration

    March 2023