IKED – Foreningen IKED, Sweden


Founded in 2002, the International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development is an independent entity with a strong project portfolio, international network of partner organisations and associated experts. IKED draws on many years of rich experience from working with diverse international, regional, and national organisations, spanning all major societal spheres.

Transcending traditional boundaries, IKED’s mission encompasses the broader economic and social implications related to the ascent of the knowledge society. It combines analytical depth with a striving for maximum relevance for policy and actual living conditions on the ground. Strong emphasis on local diagnostic and the role of culture blends with global reach and connectedness.

Prime focus areas include sustainable development, innovation, digitalisation, media systems, and novel content development in support of behavioural change and means of promoting citizen engagement. Special tracks of activity address issues of authentication, authorisation, privacy, and data management. Health and well-being are key cross-cutting dimensions.

IKED’s “home base” is the Nordic region. Most of its projects are framed at European or international level, however, and in many cases with a strong focus on inter-regional linking.