EUMEPLAT podcasts

Listen to the voices of our research team in these podcasts, one realized by HBI – Leibniz-Institut für Medienforschung | Hans-Bredow Institut and the other one – in three episodes – by Charles University.

Mediensysteme in Nordwest-Europa

(The Media Systems in Northwest Europe)

Bredowcast, the podcast channel of the Hans Bredow Institutes, hosts Barbara Thomass and Volker Grassmuck for a talk on the media systems of Northwest Europe.

The two HBI researchers Volker Grassmuck and Barbara Thomasse have worked on an anthology that, based on the famous analysis model by Hallin and Mancini (“Comparing Media Systems”, 2004), examines the media systems of Europe in Northern, Northwest, Eastern and Southern Europe examined. The chapter by Barbara Thomas and Volker Grassmuck is dedicated to northwestern Europe (Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria). In the BredowCast conversation with Johanna Sebauer, they describe the main features of the media systems in this region as well as current trends and challenges.

You can listen to the podcast – in German – here.

Are media platforms making or breaking European identity?

The three episodes of this podcast, realized by the Culture and Communication Research Centre of Charles University, unravel the findings of the EUMEPLAT research project, which studies the platformization of Europe. The podcast takes you to Türkiye, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Poland. In various locations, from media archaeology labs to art house cinemas, we discuss how Europe is constructed.

Episode 1

This first episode delves into the EUMEPLAT research project itself, exploring its findings and the unique experiences encountered along the way, with Klára Odstrčilová, Nico Carpentier, Vaia Doudaki and Andrea Miconi.

The first stop on this intellectual exploration takes us to Ankara, the capital of Türkiye. At Bilkent University, the podcast starts with a conversation with the EUMEPLAT coordinator, unravelling the intricacies of the EUMEPLAT research project and offering insights into the challenges and rewards of collaborative work within a large consortium of research partners. Embarking on a symbolic journey to Anıtkabir, Atatürk’s Mausoleum, the podcast then discusses the position of Türkiye, and its complicated relationship with Europe, as constitutive inside/outside.

You can listen to episode 1 – in English – here.

Episode 2

In the second episode, we dive into the historic Cafe Slavia, one of Prague’s oldest literary cafes, dating back to 1881. Unraveling the dichotomy between elites and ordinary people, our research delves into the complexities of populism, dissecting how it influences the construction of Europe’s vision. Venturing into social media, the podcast unveils the complexities of giving voice to ordinary people. Shifting focus, the podcast extends to the contested narratives surrounding Europe and the intricate relationship between social media, populism, and the portrayal of Europe. Transitioning to Prague’s central train station, the podcast tackles migration and gender in Europe as interconnected facets of identity. The podcast paints a vivid picture of Europe as a dynamic and contested space, shaped by evolving discourses on culture, communication, populism, and migration.

You can listen to episode 2 – in English – here.

Episode 3

In the third episode, from the cinemas in Prague and Krakow, we discuss the audio-visual production and availability on global video-on-demand (VOD) platforms. The American influence and the fight against cultural Americanisation. In the futuristic MAAT Museum in Lisbon, we reflect upon the future and what it is like for media scholars to look into future studies. From the future, we turn back to the past on the European foundation. At the Aljube Museum, we talk about the foundation that allowed us to live in the Europe as we know it now and to collaborate on such research projects as EUMEPLAT.

You can listen to episode 3 – in English – here.