Power: People and Platforms

WP Objectives

By means of a theoretical investigation, WP5 aims at coming out with a report on the main issues expected to affect European landscape, culture and legislation in the years to come. A grounded methodology has to be applied, so as to take advantage of a positive loop between empirical evidences and theoretical speculations. The main goals of WP5 are:

  • how media are “shaping views and aspirations, opinions, political choices and identities”;
  • how media are “affecting the evolution of European political and cultural space”;
  • how to come out with “reliable forecast” about the evolution of European media landscape;
  • “equipping EU decision-makers with knowledge and effective tools for understanding the impact” of digital innovation.

Expected results

By drawing on the results of WP2, WP3 and WP4, WP5 will put the most urgent issues to the test of theoretical investigation. It will assess platform media externalities related to Surveillance and Resistance, Choices and Algorithms, Toxic Debate and Pluralistic Values, Destructive Technologies, Gender in Societies.

The analysis will lead to the compiling of a White Book of Recommendations for both National and European policy-makers.

Leading partner:
  • October 2023

    Theoretical investigation of critical issues

  • February 2024

    White Book of Recommendations

    February 2024