CU – Univerzita Karlova, Czech Republic

Charles University in Prague (CUNI) is the largest university in the Czech Republic and is a leading academic institution in the Central European region. It was founded in 1348 becoming the first ‘studium generale’ north of the Alps and east of Paris. Modelled on universities in Bologna and Paris it quickly gained international renown. The key priority of Charles University is to continue to enhance its prestigious status as a research university. The university focuses strongly on research activities with a number of outstanding research teams which closely collaborate with international research institutions. The university contains 17 faculties, 4 academic institutes, 5 other workplaces for educational, scientific, research and development activities.

Charles University is the best-rated Czech university and the highest-ranked university in the new member states of the EU according to the QS World University Ranking 2019. Strengthening the international dimension has been a long-term priority for CUNI.

The Faculty of Social Sciences was founded in 1990 and its main goal is to develop teaching and research in those aspects of the social sciences, which relate to the public administration or to the economic and cultural life of society. The Faculty of Social Sciences has been a centre of teaching and research in Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Area Studies, Media Studies and Journalism. It has one of the highest international mobility rates at Charles University spreading its academic scholarship globally.