Work packages

The project contains five research work-packages: the first one focuses on medium-term historical processes; work packages 2-4 analyze the effects of media platformization in three selected fields, news production and circulation, video streaming, and media narratives and representations; and work package 5, finally, takes into account the main emergencies in European media landscape, and try to draw predictive inferences, valid on the medium-term.

All tasks are informed by the same research question: to which extent recent innovation in media sector is making European culture more European.

Europeanisation: Lessons from Media History

Lead partner: NKUA

Duration: March 2021-February 2022

Fake News: Platformization of Journalism

Lead Partner: ISCTE-IUL

Duration: March 2021-October 2022

Hegemony: Platformization of Video

Lead partner: NBU

Duration: December 2021-February 2023

Exclusion: Platformization of Media Representations

Lead Partner: UOC

Duration: May 2022-August 2023

Power: People and Platforms

Lead Partner: CU

Duration: March 2022-August 2023

Dissemination and Communication

Lead Partner: UNIMED

Duration: March 2021-May 2024


Lead Partner: IULM

Duration: March 2021-May 2024


Lead Partner: IULM

Duration: March 2021-May 2024

Ethics requirements

Lead Partner: IULM

Duration: March 2021-May 2024