Fake News: Platformization of Journalism

WP Objectives

WP2 follows a two-step structure, based on both the scientific deconstruction of fake news, and the proposal of an operational method for fighting misinformation. The main goals are therefore related to such priorities as:

  • “transformation in journalism and news production”, and “concerns about undue political interferences and fake news”;
  • synchronic level of analysis;
  • how “European political and cultural spaces” are evolving;
  • “symbols and identity elements” and “perception and attitudes towards Europe”;
  • finally, equipping policy-makers with a new knowledge, and namely with an advanced methodology for tacking anti-EU fake news.

Expected results

After the definition of a common methodological protocol, WP2 will realise a survey on the new hybrid information eco-system in ten Countries. All practices related to citizen journalism will be analysed along with positive and negative externalities in order to produce a catalogue of best practices. A specific deliverable will analyse the spread of Anti-European fake-news and provide an operational protocol for fighting them.

Leading partner:
  • August 2021

    Methodology for the analysis of citizen journalism

  • June 2022

    Research on Citizen Journalism

    June 2022

  • October 2022

    Protocol for tackling fake news