National Media and Pan-European Media: EUMEPLAT partners share their thoughts

In the first year of research, the EUMEPLAT partners realized how relevant the national dimension still is in the media sector. This video therefore features EUMEPLAT’s partners opinions on the extent to which they think that there is space for a convergence towards pan-European media.

Europeanization and Erasmus activities: EUMEPLAT partners share their thoughts

European projects and Erasmus activities are expected to play a part in the Europeanization projects. This video features EUMEPLAT’s partners opinions on whether they think that this is working or whether we still need to provide a bridge between academia and society at large?

The Media and the European Culture: Some Insights from EUMEPLAT’s partners

The EUMEPLAT project is about the link between media platforms and European identity. This video features different partners of the EUMEPLAT project sharing their opinions on whether the media are favoring or threatening a common European culture.

EUMEPLAT mini-documentary

Mission, objectives, first results and much more in the words of EUMEPLAT project partners

EUMEPLAT project at a glance

EUMEPLAT… What? How? Who?