IULM – Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione, Italy // coordinator


IULM University was founded in 1968. It stands at the fore in the sphere of academic training for the sectors of Communication and Languages. Its three faculties, designed to prepare the professionals of the future, are Communication, Interpreting and Translation, and Arts and Tourism.

Teaching staff includes managers and professionals from various fields, thus fostering close contact with the world of media and communication, professional services, business, public administration and cultural organizations. Teaching is done through lectures, classroom activities and case studies, continuous assessment, internships in Italy and abroad and through international student exchanges.

IULM has 106 Erasmus partner universities and several bilateral agreements with non-European universities (in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, Lebanon, Japan, South Korea and the USA). IULM University recently participated, among other funded projects, to Tempus Project eMEDia “A bottom- up approach for the design and pilot of a joint Master Course in Cross-Media Journalism” (2013- 2017), to Creative Europe Project “Teaching European History through Cinema (TEHC)” and currently to Erasmus+ projects “PAgES, Post-Crisis Journalism in Post-Crisis Libya: A Bottom-up Approach to the Development of a Cross-Media Journalism Master Program”, “YAW – Youth Acrobata World”, “FA-ST – Promote Female Startups in STEM”, H2020 Project “URBiNAT: Urban Innovative & Inclusive Nature” and H2020 “EUMEPLAT European media platforms: assessing positive and negative externalities for European culture”.