Nationalism and Media academic conference

Antwerp, Belgium

5th – 7th April 2022

From 5th to 7th April, Antwerp hosted the 2022 Nationalism and Media academic conference, organised by the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism and National movements and Intermediary Structures in Europe, with the kind support of the University of Ghent and the University of Antwerp.

On April 5th, Prof. Dr. Andrea Miconi, IULM Associate Professor and EUMEPLAT principal investigator, took part in the session on “Europe and populism” chaired by David Landon Cole from the University of York.

The intervention of Dr. Miconi, entitled “Three Strands of de-Europeanization: Insights from the EUMEPLAT Horizon 2020 project”, focused on three emerging threats to Europeanization, all related to resurgence or strengthening of nationalism: the level of trust in political and media institutions; the lack of contents circulation among countries; and the fracture between Eastern and Western European media systems.

The full abstract is available here.

Also Prof. Dr. Daniel Biltereyst from Ghent University took part in the Conference and, as a member of its Scientific Committee, he chaired several sessions, such as those on Global Perspectives and on Television and film.

More details on the Nationalism and Media conference are available here.