Second meeting of the WP1

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

13th – 14th December 2021

The second EUMEPLAT Work Package 1 meeting has been hosted by WP leader, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Due to Covid-related restrictions and complications, we adopted a blended formula.

In the first day, December 13, three sessions took place. In the first one, Barbara Thomass, from Hans-Bredow-Institut, presented the framework and the selected milestones for deliverable D1.4, “European Media Legislation: Overview”. The second panel was organized and chaired by Volker Grassmuck, from HBI, and it consisted of four presentations related to different aspects of the platformization process: Thomas Andersson on positive and negative externalities of platformization itself; Fabiana Zollo on the big data prerogative of platforms; Barbara Thomass on the European regulation of media platforms – while Grassmuck concluded with an overview on the main definitions and interpretations of the platform concept.

In the third session Nico Carpentier and Milos Hroch, from Charles University in Prague, explain the updated version of the semantic map of Europeanization. The discussion eventually leads to the definition of the steps to be taken for reaching the operational definition of Europeanization [D1.6].

In the second day, Daniël Biltereyst, from Gent University, presented the report on movie production, distribution and consumption [D2.1].

The final session was dedicated to the organization of the workload for final part of Work Package 1. Partners also defined a common strategy for publication and open access, in order to maximize impact and circulation of EUMEPLAT scientific results.