A EUMEPLAT article published on Observatorio (OBS*)

Observatorio (OBS*), an interdisciplinary journal that welcomes contributions coming from and speaking to the many disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is Communication Studies, has just published, in Volume 17, n°1, an article authored by Nico Carpentier, Miloš Hroch, Vaia Doudaki (Charles University), Sara Cannizzaro and Andrea Miconi (IULM University) from the EUMEPLAT research team.

The article, entitled Bridging the Discursive and Material Dimensions of Europeanity and Europeanisation: A Participatory Semantic Map Approach, aims at mapping the diversity of the concepts of Europeanity and Europeanisation, combining a multidisciplinary approach with a structural reflection on the discursive-material divide (and how to bridge it), and with a participatory theory-building strategy. The results is an impressive set of approaches, each still distinct from each other.

The use of a semantic map, which is a living entity, offers a precious overview of the diversity of meanings allocated to E&E, but at the same time, it is also an invitation to other scholars to reflect about the taxonomic choices and the changes that are bound to occur in the meanings of both Europeanity and Europeanisation, in being European and becoming European, which are—we should add—both, in the end, constructed forms of becoming.

You can have full access to the article among our Publications here.